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Core Research Programmes

The Centre is presently focusing on a few selected research programmes based on their relative importance to the people of Kenya and their potential to unlock poverty cycle. The programmes are therefore problem-based. The teams to undertake the research will be multi-disciplinary in composition. In implementing the programmes, state of the art tools such as biotechnology, ICT, molecular biology, biodiversity etc will be employed..

Our Activities

  • Policy-linked research - The research activities of the RESTECH Centre are organized on problem-based programmes
  • Advocacy and policy influence from evidence-based research - due to its policy-research linkages, the research findings will be applied in policy formulation.
  • Research Training of government official, development stakeholder , academic researchers - biological, physical and social scientists, foreign and in-country scholars, Government policy-makers, Private sector and entrepreneurs ,The Civil Society in policy issues
  • Dissemination of research results through policy briefs, seminars, workshops etc - this will be a regular feature to inform and exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Publications in African and international journals - scholarly communication will be conducted through the relevant journals.
  • Undertaking consultancy services in relevant areas - knowledge-based consultancy services will be availed to the public, private and civil society sectors.
  • Forging collaboration and strengthening networking - arrangements with other research organizations in Africa and globally will be given priority to work on common problems.