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# Publication Title Publication Date
1 Consultative meeting on comprehensive research on Lake Victoria By, RESTECH 15-10-2013
2 Ciomprehensive Research on Lake Victoria - Field visit report By, RESTECH 15-10-2013
3 Natural Resource Management Workshop Report By, RESTECH 15-10-2013
4 Workshop on Ethical Review Committees in Kenya By, RESTECH 15-10-2013
5 The role of communities in sustainable Natural Resource Management By, Prof. Maria Onyango (Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology) 14-10-2013
6 Prospects for Value addition in the context of Petroleum oil and gas in the EAC partner states By, Prof. J.I. Jondiko (Maseno University) 14-10-2013
7 Lake Victoria: The neglected natural resource for integration of EAC partner states through trade . By, Prof. Wellington Otieno (RESTECH) 14-10-2013
8 Creating Space for collaborations between Policy Research Institutes, Universities and County Govern By, RESTECH 12-10-2013
9 RESTECH SEPTEMBER 2013 Newsletter By, RESTECH 09-10-2013
10 RESTECH JUNE 2013 Newsletter By, RESTECH 09-10-2013
11 Workshop Report for IREC2 By, RESTECH 19-10-2012
12 Workshop Report for RESOLVE By, RESTECH 19-10-2012
13 Workshop Report for IREC2 By, RESTECH 17-10-2012
14 Workshop Report for RESOLVE By, RESTECH 17-10-2012
15 RESTECH bulletin Issue By, RESTECH 17-10-2012
16 Research ethics workshop for senior researchers By, RESTECH 17-10-2012
17 Kenya Journal on Science and Technology By, Restech 22-06-2012
18 By, RESTECH 02-02-2011
19 RESTECH December 2010 Bulletin By, RESTECH 17-12-2010
20 RESTECH November 2010 Bulletin By, Restech 01-12-2010
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