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Sorghum will earn you more profits

Featured Sorghum will earn you more profits

Miss Wilkista Lore

RESTECH Research Officers (ROs) analyzed data from different sources such as Kenya Sugar Board (KSB) and interviewed smallholder farmers in the five riparian counties in order to get their perspective. The ROs led by Miss Williskista Lore sought to determine how much a farmer spends and gets in cultivating 2 Ha of all the crops in the study.


 With regard to sugarcane, data from KSB (2012) indicate that a farmer spends a total of Kshs. 212,944 and produces 90 tones of sugarcane. The farmer sells it to the factory and makes Kshs. 57,056 profit from the 2 Ha in 2 years. Besides the low profits, sugarcane farmers are grappling with numerous challenges ranging from high input cost to delayed and low payment.

     In the case of tobacco, The American Cancer Society, estimates that a contracted farmer earns Kshs. 55,000 profit in one season on a 2 ha farm while his/her independent counterpart makes Kshs. 85,000 in the same period.


Tobacco Farm

The researchers reported that a maize farmer cumulatively spends a total of Kshs. 70,050 on a 1ha piece of land. A good number of farmers harvest approximately 38 bags per hectare. The produce is sold at an average price of Kshs. 3200 though it fluctuates during the harvest seasons. Thus the farmer will generate an income of Kshs. 121,600 per the sale of the produce and earn a Kshs. 51,550 profit from the 1 ha in one crop season.

The sorghum farmer on the other hand spends Kshs. 80,000 on a 2 Ha farm and produces 7,500 kilograms in 2 years. If the produce is sold to Kenya Breweries Limited which buys a kilo at Ksh.34, he gets an income of Kshs. 255,000 and hence makes a profit of Kshs. 175,000 from the 2 ha in one crop period in case of Gadam variety which is preferred by the processor.  

It is therefore evident that a sorghum farmer makes more profit from the same size of land compared to the other three farmers.