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Resource Centre

Resource Center


Plans of establishing a Resource Centre (RC) furnished with the latest journals, books, and other research materials are currently underway at the RESTECH offices. The Centre is well poised to house an e-library that will allow access to other research resources online.

The main role of RESTECH Resource Centre (RRC) is to select, acquire and process information in order to support the policy analysis and research activities of the Centre. The main activities include:

  1. Library establishment, development and maintenance which will involve selection, acquisition and processing of documents, data base management, information searching and retrieval;
  2. Editing, designing, printing and distribution of RESTECH publications;
  3. Maintaining and updating the RESTECH website contents; and,
  4. Capacity building – we host interns, usually two to three at any given time in this Department.

The main mission of RRC is to select, acquire and assemble information resources and services and make these readily accessible, so as to encourage policy research and analysis.

Computerization of the RC

The RRC is incorporating the web-based system to enable wider acquisition and dissemination of policy research information emanating from RESTECH and from other researchers and institution associating with the Centre.

The RC is gradually building a wide selection of research materials both in print (books, journals, newsletters, etc.) and electronic formats (video and CD-ROMs). In addition, information available from other sources such as the Internet, and other libraries/information Centres and other research institutions or individuals will be made available as required.


The RC is poised to serve RESTECH staff, policy makers, visiting researchers, staff of collaborating institutions, scholars as well as postgraduate students from Kenyan universities.


In an attempt to promote teamwork and participatory research, the Centre developed workstation that allows research as well as project proposal development. Establishment of RESTECH’s Workstations furnished with a photocopier and six computers with internet connectivity enables researchers to attain higher levels of productivity.