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Limited adaptive capacity is frequently cited as a major factor in Africa’s high vulnerability to climate change and food security. This has often resulted into calls for increased efforts aimed at strengthening food security adaptive capacity of local communities. It is imperative that researchers, policy makers, and development professionals collectively develop strategies for reducing vulnerability and their associated adverse impacts on food security and livelihoods.

Against this backdrop, the Center in collaboration with other institutions including Kenyatta University, NEMA, Practical Action and Foodlink Resources initiated a project entitled, "Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Pastoralists to Climate Change-induced Vulnerability in Northern Kenya." The overall objective of the project is to generate local knowledge to enhance community and national capacity to adapt to climate change and need for diverse food sources among vulnerable communities in pastoralist areas and provide policy-makers, local pastoralists’ communities and other stakeholders in Turkana and Mandera districts with information and tools to better understand, analyze and form policies that will allow them to develop effective strategies to adapt to climate change.

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